Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fasica and Eaves Repairs

One of the spots on the exterior of a home that can sustain water damage is the fascia. The fascia is a board nailed across the ends of the roof rafters and upon which a gutter hangs. Water overflow from gutters stuffed with leaves can cause damage to a fascia, which can lead to replacement.

Taking off the gutter is a good time to check and see if the gutter itself needs repair. Repair or replace it, if necessary

Eaves are a vulnerable part of your house, exposed to weather and damage by falling limbs. Luckily, they aren't too hard to repair when the inevitable happens and repair is needed. So, if your eaves are wooden, and you have some damage to your fascia board call L & L.

"Fascia?" That's the name for the vertical board or panel on the front of your eaves. Its complement is the "soffitt"--the board that forms the bottom of the structure--and technically, that's the only part that's really supposed to be called the "eave."

The first thing is getting to the eaves, which means using a ladder. That's the dangerous part, especially if the ground where you need to work is uneven or sloping. It's important to find or create an even, level surface for the ladder.
Life is easy by using L & L

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