Saturday, 2 March 2013

Decking treatments

UV light causes the greatest degree of breakdown in wood products. Failure to treat your deck will result in deterioration to the appearance. Ultra Violet (UV light) is a form of high energy, which is of a particular wavelength that is able to penetrate the surface of wood. Because it is high energy it actually breaks down and destroys the cellulose structure of timber. Over a period of time depending on how long the exposure is and how concentrated the UV is, wood turns grey and eventually you will find the surface powders.
Depending on traffic volumes and weathering you will need to apply a maintenance coat which will involve washing down the surface with a light detergent soap and then re-coating.

Water based decking stain are formulated to colour and protect pre-treated, pressure treated or preservative impregnated timber. It may also be used over wax pre-treated decking. The combination of acrylic and polyurethane alkyd resins provide the ultimate protection for decking timber. Stain waterproofs and protects the decking, whilst providing a durable scuff resistant surface which will resist cracking, peeling and blistering. The stains would have darker pigments than the oils. The advantage of a stain and seal decking product over a straight stain is that your wood is coloured and protected in one single treatment.

Oils tend to preserve wood better as they penetrate & strengthen, whereas stains do not. The oil would be a clear material with no pigments added, they would enhance the natural grain without adding colour. A good quality decking oil will protect your deck at the same time as reviving and restoring its colour. Decking oils can also come in a range of colours, including clear. The colours can dramatically change the colour of your decking if you’re not careful.

Depending on the condition of your deck and your desired look, with a bit of planning, decking paint can be a good solution. The main issue with painting a deck is keeping it looking good as weather and time take their toll. If not properly finished, a painted deck has a tendency to peel and look worn quicker

Decking preservative is the generic term used to describe any specialist decking product which is designed to protect the wood. Generally speaking the list will include oils and seals. Which you choose will depend to a large extent on the final finish you’re hoping for and the condition of your deck. is the quickest way to have decking installed and protected.

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